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Fruit Fly Spring Australia

The start of Spring means that the temperature is starting to warm up, the days are getting longer and the fruit fly are gathering their troops.

So the start of Spring is a great time to develop a fruit fly control strategy. There is a whole range of organic methods through the Wild May Fruit Fly Control Systems but you need to get onto it early and stop them breeding up. The other method is exclusion netting where you place a special fruit fly net over your fruit before they get stung by fruit fly that have bread up and become rampant.

We have got a great 2 minute video for you which discusses this in more depth. So if you want to get juicy nectarines and peaches this season without nasty surprises we hope you enjoy this video.

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  1. I have some beautiful dwarf apple trees that always end up with codling moth. Is there a natural way to prevent this happening. Would netting solve the problem ?They are currently blossoming.
    I would like to put your answer on my sustainability blog if that is okay , giving the name of the nursery. Will not do this without permission.
    thanks, Kimmy