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Coffee Tree Has Beans Ready to Pick

Growing Dwarf Coffee Trees is very easy throughout Australia. I have used some Bonsai Bags so you can move them around wherever you like to get shade or out of the wind.

You can actually just pick the red beans off and then suck out the juices while chewing on the seed and then spit out the pulp. It is mildly sweet surprisingly. As the coffee bean legend goes the goat farmer apparently found he could stay awake by doing this.

I have never seen it done but for all you Coffee shop owners out there who have an outside place for your customers or even inside area with a bit off sun. Why don't you add a few coffee plants?

Their flowers are a great strong sweet smell even at 4 meters away. Their beans are strikingly red and I think would be a great talking point. Their leaves unlike my one below which has been a bit neglected are a large deep green.
Coffee Beans Ready to Pick

The Coffee Tree in a Bonsai Bag 35L

And in unrelated ( non coffee ) news here is some flowers from the Dwarf Tropical Anna Apple Tree.

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