Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees Springing into Action

My first Pomegranate Galusha Rosavaya (Best Tasting Fruit) Flowers after only 1 year. Huge Flowers and rich orange,red colour.

In the subtropics where we don't get the right chill hours you can still grow apples you just need the right varieties. I have chosen the Dwarf Dorsett Golden Apple Tree which is already fruiting in my first year since getting them from Daleys.

Apples like cross pollination so I also got the subtropical variety called the Dwarf Tropic Sweet Apple Tree.

My Babaco after many flowers dropping off is finally nursing a babaco or champagne fruit through to completion. After 3 years I am delighted.

I have already repotted the babaco.

The Gulf Ruby Plum gave me fruit last year and looks like it won't disappoint this year. I noticed last year the fruit was on the trunk but this year it is on the branches. Perhaps it likes to fruit on new growth.

I have about many different varieties of blueberry plants for cross pollination. My favourite variety is misty for it's size but some other varieties are better in taste. My advise is don't just get one variety.

The Sugar Herb Stevia only has a limited lifespan but it is easy to uproot a portion of the main plant and then replant as I have done in my Black Sapotes pot. Stevia is sweet and has a strong minty aftertaste.

The panama berry has covered itself into flowers and the smell is overbearing when you are close to this plant. The flowers, fruit and leaves omit a fragrant smell. Best of all it has a long fruiting time except for winter.

My Florigon Mango Tree is grafted and wants to fruit straight away. By keeping this flower it will dwarf new growth and hamper the size of next years crop. Regardless I am going to try and get 1 mango from this baby mango tree.

My coffee plants which I am growing in pots have finished producing their red berries and are pushing some new growth as the weather heats up. I am expecting them to break into flower in summer.

Daleys Dwarf Black Mulberry Trees are the best tasting variety you will get. Far better tasting then the sometimes acidic tasting ones you find in parks throughout Brisbane

This Bowen Mango Flower has got a fungus from the rain we had in Brisbane a few months ago. My best course of action is to cut all the flowers and hope I get more flowers. Then spray them with copper spray and anthracnose spray

I haven't had too much luck with my Red Dragon Fruit cropping perhaps because I haven't chosen a sunny enough position but it is looking healthy. I have recently seen a few dragon fruit farms on the outskirts of Brisbane.


  1. ya this is god thinking and i enjoy a lot about tree picture

  2. wow is this your backyard now Correy ?

    really inspirational, just goes to show you can grow a LOT of fruit in a small little space ...

    I'm gonna start growing fruit in bags up north, so that when i move on I can give-a-way the fruit trees to someone who will look after them


  3. Why is everything in a pot?

  4. Pests and disease are an inescapable part of growing fruit; simply planting a few pears or apples in the garden seems to invite an army of fruit tree pests to turn up and take a bite out of your juiciest produce.

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