Fruit Trees

SMS When Fruit Trees are Available

When you search for a fruit tree and the fruit tree is not in stock you will have a button to press that looks like this: Now when you click this you will have the option to enter your Mobile Phone Number. Once the fruit tree becomes available we will send you an sms as well as an email to tell you that it is ready for sale.


  1. This sounds great but what about the &100 minimum order thingy?

  2. We got rid of the one hundred dollar minimum order about 15 months ago and replaced it with a $12 handling fee.

    Here are the details

    We were trialing this and it looks like it is something we will keep doing due to the positive response we have gotten.

  3. I have a problem and I hope someone can help.
    I planted two mullberry trees Sept last year.(shahtoot) a white and a black. Last year all the fruit fell and this year the black one lost all its fruit while still green (70mm long) White one lost about 60% of its fruit. help

  4. Hi Sammy,

    Can you please ask your question on the forum