Fruit Trees

Western Australia - Mail Order Fruit Trees

Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery will now mail order to Western Australia.

To satisfy your quarantine requirements all the plants need to be sprayed and a member of the DPI is required to check all the plants for pests. Therefore there is an extra charge called "Spraying, Packing and Quarantine" which starts at $25 per order and increases depending on the number of fruit trees you order.

To find out exactly how much it will cost to send to your address simply add the fruit trees you want and enter your postcode. All the costs are displayed for you online.

Orders to W.A will be sent every 2nd month or perhaps more frequently depending on the number of orders we receive.


  1. Yes, I will definitely use your mail order service.
    I am a horticultural consultant specialising in tree crops, with an increasing passion for bush foods.
    Many of my clients are hobby farmers or small commercial properties, and I often order trees for them.
    The supply of fruit and nut trees in WA is very poor and erratic, and often unreliable (even for commercial orchardists), and having an on-line system such as yours is fantastic.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Loved the idea of online shopping and delivery for convenience, but the added cost for the WA quarantine means that I will probably only consider plant varities that are unavailable by other means.

  3. We now Send Fruit Trees to Western AustraliaGreetings from the West,
    As I am a relatively new resident of WA (previously from NSW) I am not entirely up to speed with the local horticultural suppliers. From what I have seen so far there is not a great deal available, especially in regional areas such as where I am (Newdegate). This means that freight is always an issue anyway.
    I checked out your pricing on the website & I definitely think this is something I may take advantage of in the future. I would find this a good service for the following reasons:
    a.. I have been using Daleys stock for as long as I have been a Horticulturist & I have always found the stock to be excellent quality & the right varieties are available.
    b.. Your website is very well set out & provides excellent info on the varieties & availability.
    c.. The checkout system is excellent & is very helpful with the itemised freight/quarantine costings & also the "maximise your freight" calculation.
    My only concern is the difference in climatic conditions between here & where your plants are actually propagated. Do you think the difference in the humidity will lead to increased transplant shock?


  4. Thank you for making it possible.

    I was very disappointed when one of the fruit tree nurseries in Perth closed down recently.



  5. While I was also very disappointed when one of the fruit tree nurseries in Perth closed down recently, I was also lucky to be there on their last trading day & buy a 'Ziziphus Jujuba'
    which I'd been chasing for last three years. At a discounted price, no less! While I am interested in purchasing trees from you on-line it won't be till next winter!

  6. At last! WA has access to a great selection of alternative plants previously made unavailable by quarantine restrictions. Well done and a big thankyou for making the effort for us. I hope people take advantage of this service so that it remains viable and continues into the future.

  7. Please advise me how much it would be to send a dwarf navel orange tree to Como(suburb of Perth) W.A.
    Cheers Hope

  8. Thank you for the great feedback on Western Australia.

    You can check exactly for yourself by adding the navel to your shopping cart then entering your postcode 6152.

    I checked and your minimum freight charge is going to be $52.94 which is the minimum cost to send one carton of plants. You can usually fit between 6-12 plants in one carton.

    Quarantine starts at around $30 as well.

    If you were just after one tree it would be way to expensive. It might be worth trying to source the Navel locally as they are quite common.

  9. Hi
    thanks for your email. I am glad you are now shipping to WA. I just
    tried to purchase 3 yellow cherry guava and the freight calculated to
    over $70 plus the quarantine fee. Is this correct for the freight
    cost? It seems extraordinarily expensive. I work for a company that
    ships from WA to all over the east coast and also from east coast to
    WA and this seems just wild.

  10. Dear Susan
    Unfortunately that is how much it costs to send a box of plants to Western Australia. We use startrack express.

    We are trying to minimise quarantine, spraying and dpi inspection costs by sending out the western Australian orders in batches.

    Although not exact. You can use Australia post to see how much they charge to send our box of plants from NSW to your suburb.

    Our postcode is 2474 then enter your postcode.

    The dimensions are: 80cm * 30cm * 30cm and the weight is usually above 3kg.

    Here is their postage calculator:

    If you know of a freight company to WA that is cheaper we would love to get some quotes from you.

  11. Hi, I have a small nursery specialiseing in fruiting plants, and am very interested in stocking lots more varrieties.Freight and quarantine does sound expensive, what prices would i need to charge customers, will it be out of the price range?? (will have to wait and see).I guess i`ll do 1 shipment and see what happens. thanks.. joe .. Tass 1 Trees.

  12. Hi Joe,

    If you are a retail nursery you might like to contact us for a chat:

    Here are some more details about becoming a distributor:

  13. thankyou for making it possible to send fruit trees and the like to wa i am looking forward to using this service well done daleys and thankyou. peter booth.

  14. Can I get apple trees into wa?

    Your range looks good, and if youse
    spray them that will be OK?


  15. Yes we do send apple trees to Western Australia. They should be fine after they are sprayed.

    Daleys Apple Tree Link

  16. How do you work out what month is sending month?

    I faxed an order and nothing happened.

  17. Here is the web page that will get updated with the current sending month:

    By far the best way to place an order is online that way you know for sure the freight charges and if a plant has been blocked by WA quarantine.

  18. Yes, but the dwarf oranges were all under the same tab, so couldn't work out how to pick only one out.

    So faxed and got no reply.

  19. Hello anonymous, we have been having some trouble with our fax line. You can either place your order online or give me a ring on 0266321441 to discuss the dwarf options. If you have a particular variety that you are looking for please mention this in the special instructions section of the checkout and we will do our best to find your choice. We do not produce our full range of citrus on the flying dragon dwarfing rootstock.

  20. There was 17 available when I ordered, now there is none.

    The delay from ordering to sending is too long and we miss out, again.

  21. Try Davids Garden Centre in Forrestfield, Daleys get your hopes up but they never have everything you want in stock at the same time so you have to bite the bullet and order bits at a time the expensive way and then during the 2 month wait they run out of stock and your expensive plants get to be even more expensive as you only get a couple of the list you ordered.

  22. How about letting WA people reserve plants, after all the bimonthly sending is for Daleys convenience not ours.

  23. Anonymous:

    We are happy to place plants aside for our W.A customers.

    How it works is you place an order with us with the stock that we have available. In the time that your order is waiting to be sent to W.A you can email us with any plants you would like added to this order as they become available. Or of course you can just place the order online and we will amalgimate it for you.

    We are unable to sell plants that do not meet our quality requirements.

    Many of our W.A customers who have placed orders with us find this is the best way to do it.

    Rather then a reservation system what we have is a notification system. To be notified when plants are ready to be sold just put your email and mobile down on the appropriate pages.

  24. Hi,
    I'm so glad to read your blog about the avid interest and success of Tropical Fruits and Research Park and the overwhelming feedbak of your blog readers there at WA. I'm a chemist here in the Philippines. I studied for my 2nd masteral degree at Victoria Uni in Melbourne. My work here involves Flower Induction of tropical fruits like mango, rambutan and durian. Flower induction technique made the PH a major exporter of these fruits. As I have tested other fruits for flower induction, I'm sure this could be a promising undertaking there at your orchards. If you're interested in increasing the quantity and quality of your harvests, you may contact me at my mobile +639214688050 or email me at
    Thanks and have a fresh fruity days ahead.

  25. I was just reading some of these comments & am a bit confused. I have ordered over $400 worth of plants from Daleys from the available now list-I thought I'd do a big order as it brings the post/quarantine price down per plant. From what I've read, do you sometimes miss out on stock even if it was available when you ordered it? That would put the price per plant way back up again. Hopefully I've got it wrong!
    Am a bit anxious to see what I'll actually get next month now!

  26. Hi all,
    what distances and condition of plants, that ya found on arrival within W.A. been ?

    I have done a order for Derby,w.a. and awaiting to see if and when and what condition they are in. I will keep ya all advised Prob the longest point away from them, here in the kimberley's....

  27. lets talk rootstock...
    it might be ok for the commercial growers or mr.& mrs 1/4 acre to be focussed on dwarf rootstock - but this is a pain for the rest of us - in a drying climate we want the big old fashioned vigorous and sprawling rootstock to ensure growth and production outside of 'ideal' areas.
    i desperately seek apple rootstock -
    M1-11 ( the M probably stands for Malus)
    i will pay well....anyone? M1-11 apple rootstock.