Fruit Trees

Grafting Fruit Trees

Kath and Katie show the why and how of grafting fruit trees.


  1. Dear Staff at Daleys,
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    I feel as if I am dealing with my own family for all your honest advice and service.
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  2. Do you know of anyway of determining whether a lemon or citron comes from a grafted tree, by looking at the fruit alone. Are there any signs?


  3. Man that Katie is soooooo good looking.

    be good.....

  4. Hey, great stuff! Haven't found the citrus rootstock info I was looking for, but have only just scratched the surface of your large site. I could quite happily spend the whole day watching all the grafting videos, then the past posts, and I think I just might do that! Thank you very much!

  5. what makes the tips or first inch and a half of my mango leaves go brown and crunchy.its kensington pride 7 yrs old vicki

  6. Hi! Can you also provide a grafting video using a mature tree as a root stock. I'm betting you won't decapitate it like you would with a young plant.