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4 Month Old Paw Paw - Cutting Grown

Cutting grown Southern Red Paw Paw outside our office after 4 months
Paw Paws in Pots
We are currently trialing cutting grown paw paws and as you can see the results have been spectacular.

Advantage 1
Instead of taking 18 months to fruit a cutting grown paw paw takes only 4 months.
Advantage 2
Sick of getting a ladder to pick your paw paws? Cutting grown pawpaws fruit at ground level.
Advantage 3
You can even grow them in a pot.
Cost. There is a lot more work involved in preparing the cuttings so they would cost $29 each as opposed to $10 for the seedlings. If we get enough people interested we will start making them a regular selection from our nursery.

Would you like to be Emailed when they are ready for Sale?
(Email me when the Cutting Grown Southern Red Paw Paw is ready)


  1. That paw paw is ridiculous ... Wow!

  2. Those look like what I call papayas which are a totally different fruit from the paw paw -Asimina triloba.

  3. interesting, but doesn't look like an Indiana paw paw at all!

  4. Pawpaws and Papayas are one and the same thing........

  5. I'd like to have some here in Africa.

  6. Please send me how i could have them in Africa. email:

  7. this are different plants:
    Papau (Pawpaw)= Asimina
    Papaya= Carica
    **regards robs**

  8. Sounds like a great idea! I hope finished production comes soon, but understand possible delay due to our very cold and wet winter!

    Anyway, I am sitting here waiting to order one as soon as I get the green light from Daleys...

  9. "Papaya" is typically of American usage. The rest of the world calls Papayas (C. papaya) "pawpaws."

  10. What is exactly the way to propagate Papaya from cuttings? After cutting in half the mother tree, and new sprouds come out, what's next? Should they be cut close to the main mother tree trunk, or should be leave an inch or more distance from the trunk? Should they be put in Hormon mix before planting them on the pot? If so, for how long, and what is the special care we should take after they are planted in pot? I'll appreciate your answer.
    Sev from

  11. It looks fantastic. Cant wait until they are in production. Great idea!

  12. Great idea. Look forward to ordering my first one!

  13. These "Paw-Paws" are absolutely Papayas and not Paw-Paws. Two way-different plants.

  14. so how do you do it I have the paw paw trees do you just take a cutting is it that simple

  15. papaya for sure. I seen this Tree growed in my Grandmothers House.