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September Newsletter


  1. Hi,
    I would have loved to watch your video newsletter - but my computer would not let me.


  2. Hi Ingrid,
    On the newsletter page their is instructions for viewing the video using google video player. Did this also not work for you?

  3. Unable to watch videos on my computer.

  4. Bloody great idea.. How about some instructional videos.

    I nearly sprayed my coffee on the monitor.

    The clip played instantly, maybe that's what blew me away.

    I'm curious, how did you set up Youtube like that on yr webpage?

    I have a website going up soon about tropical houses & gardens in S.E.A.


    Beirut, SW Sydney

  5. This is a wonderful concept, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for a great video newsletter.

  6. Great job Guy's. Well done and I look forward to the next vid.

  7. To me these are a waste of my time - waiting for them to download is a pain.
    I'd much rather read the Newsletter than view the video.
    :-( Me too


  8. Great idea, keep it going.
    I had trouble with it "freezing", any clues why?

  9. Hello
    The video was very interesting and informative. It took a while to download but was worth the wait.
    Good work.

  10. perhaps keep the written newsletter with the video as an option in the header or footer of the page?

    Fantastic idea, and I agree with john that some instructional videos could be a real asset to your website.

    Nice and short to watch with a few but important things about the different plants to know what each one provides.

    This was well put together and with a few more under your belt , i expect they will be excellent. I'd rather watch and hear than read and seeing you handle the plants and fruit gives a better idea of what they look like than photos.

  11. I will start adding a transcript of the video so people will have the option to read or watch the video thanks for the feedback guys.

  12. I had trouble with the video clip freezing.

  13. Freezing:
    When you first watch the video it is downloading to your computer. And may freeze so it can download some more.

    If you press pause and wait for the red bar to download completely you should be able to watch it all the way through without any freezes.

    Hope this helps.

  14. I really enjoyed the video clips! It was great to see some of the trees that I have only ever read about before, especially the ones I can't grow in Victoria. Keep them coming!

  15. Reading the comments it looks like my suggestion will be taken into account (i.e. written news letter and video). I did enjoy seenig the video and the energy in the presentation.
    I also feel that instructional videos would be extremely valuable.
    Note that I also tried to login with my Google account, but it did not recognize me (even after a couple of attempts).

  16. Hi, I think the video is a great idea. I also had problems with it freezing but thanks to the suggestions of others no further problems. Look forward to more. By describing the plants uses it will make people consider plants that they may not have previously considered.

  17. Fantastic Video!! What a great idea. The facts that were given were useful and educational. Can't wait for further videos. Thanks!!

  18. Great video.
    I enjoyed receiving your newsletter this way, really bought it "alive".
    More please.


    The clip played instantly, I just LOVED the little video. The only one of those fruits I have is the Meyer lemon. I want to know how many of those fruits I can grow in Perth and is it possible to buy them from Daley's and cleared for sending to Perth WA? Only thing, and it wasn't important, there were a couple of mispronunciations, loquat was one, Panama was the other.

  20. Hi
    How do you phonetically pronounce those words?

    Hopefully some of our more experienced staff like Kath or Greg will do a video newsletter and I am sure they will get the wording right.

    WA has very strict plant restrictions stopping us from mail ordering there.

    Perhaps try Wanda West Nursery

  21. Hi,
    I loved it. Congratulations and well done.Michael W

  22. Nice idea but this first try is, frankly, boring. Give your presenter some professional training and teach him how to say the names of fruit correctly ;-)

    I'm looking forward to your next attempt. Too bad it takes ages for those with slower internet connections to download the video. Can you 'zip' the video so that it may be quickly downloaded and then 'unzip'ed and played?

  23. Great idea. Several comments: presenter should be aware of his body movement as his hands were constantly moving; background noise was distracting particularly when the plane was going overhead
    No problems viewing it.

  24. Hi
    I suggest you give up videoing when there is a plane flying overhead. Otherwise good

  25. I am not interested in downloading videos, I prefer to read your usual newsletter.

    MaryAnne, Qld

  26. New toys are fun aren't they? The old newsletter format was much more informative and easier to access the bits I wanted without the bits I didn't. The video format is pretty but too superficial.

  27. Fantastic idea. The video was great but unfortunately I have an old computer with no sound!

  28. Xlent video. Made me want to eat everything you showed. Then I realised we could because they all grow at our place...yum!


    Mary and Frank

  29. Loved the video...watched it all..I think this young man will be the Steve Irwin of edibles...Crikey Custard Apples or Holy Mulberry's Mum!!!
    Applauding creativity and education together...
    Helen O'Sullivan W.A.

  30. very nice video correy !

    you've inspired us to do some videos !

    and for me to finally do a blog

    keep it flowing

  31. The video was a great idea - very helpful especially about the mango as ours has just started to fruit. Looking forward to seeing more videos, much appreciated.

  32. Great Vid just need to keep the hand movements and back ground noise to a minimum

  33. I've only got the old slow dial-up internet. It took a long time to download.The video was far better than a printed page on the screen and I enjoyed it very much.
    But I won't be able to afford the long time for these downloads. Sorry.

  34. enjoyed the video greatly. Good to see the plant size and characteristics. We are in a cooler climate area. Could future videos state if we have a chance with the displayed plants

  35. correy you legend or should I call you Don as in Bourke.


  36. Hi all,

    I also enjoyed the video presentation. Helen's comment about the 'Steve Irwin of edibles' was funny because when I watched the video clip Correy reminded me of Steve too.

    I look forward to seeing more video newsletters.

    Correy, you may want to check out and type in any words that you are unsure of how to pronunce, you then can click on a link so you can hear the prounciation.

  37. seems to have some difficulties, with all those pauses and interruptions
    cheers, uncle bernie

  38. seems to have some difficulties, with all those pauses and interruptions
    cheers, uncle bernie

  39. Great idea, good to see real trees growing not pictures, i would like to see more growing tips eg soil prep and requirements, varities. loved the peice on mangoes(now i know what to do with mine..thanks) keep up the good work ... more exotic fruit trees PLEASE!!!

  40. Congratulations Daleys! I found your video newsletter a splendid idea. The visual concept of viewing the actual trees and its fruit as well as the audio commentary is brilliant.

    Well done Correy on your presentation. I think some of the "viewers" were a little harsh with you. From what I saw, your hand movements further supplemented the passion you feel and show towards your profession.

    I bought some fruit trees/vines via Daleys and was very impressed with the promptness of the delivery and the quality of the stock. My husband had to dig quite a few holes to establish them all in their new "home" and they're all doing well barr one mango tree. My husband doesn't like reading much but as soon as he gets home this afternoon, I will sit him down in front of the computer and see his reaction when he watches your video. I have no doubt he will be impressed especially so on your suggestions with the mango trees.

    Just one drawback - I would have liked the video to go a little longer maybe with suggestions on what type of pests are associated with the different trees and ways of controlling them - especially birds!! However, I do realise it's not a TV show - hey, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    Keep up the great work!

  41. Hey correy, awesome job!! it was very informative, and entertaining.... much more interesting way of having a newsletter! keep it up
    ps hey Greg, your awesome as well!!!!

  42. Hello, it may have been my computer, but there were regular annoying pauses in the YouTube transmission, as if it was not all loaded first before playing.


  43. Hi guys

    I enjoyed the video but by inclination I love to read and browse. If I had my druthers I would like both, as ther's no doubt that the video of the techniques and the panning shots give a better conept of what's going on. If I can only have one, I would vote for the newsletter in written form, but I do like to have everything if I can@!!

  44. Hi Correy, Our colourbond tank 3,000litres including concrete slab, pump and installation was $3750 and we get $1500 back in rebates from the state gov and the council. We probably could have shopped around for a better price, but they had the size we wanted and all the places were cashing in on the demand anyway. I agree it is ironic that they made people remove them years ago.

  45. Great idea but I would like a bit more information about growing conditions such as climate zones and root capacity etc. I have planted some nectarines and plums in my garden only after leaving them for 3 years have now discovered the climate is not suitable for them and I get very little fruit. I am now in the process of taking them out. this is disappointing as I could have been growing something more suitable in that time and be harvesting fruit.

  46. Fantastic, good info about mine just bought today a hard to get :grafted black Mulberry tree.
    You did not mention if I can prune my normal tree,NOT a dwarf one I think so? Would that have any effect with the amount of fruit I get of it after pruning?
    I have got NO trouble with your vidio.Thanks a lot.

  47. Hi Joyce,

    It doesn't matter if it is dwarf or not. In brisbane at the moment I am getting my first crop for the year of mulberries (Sep). Once they are all ripened and I have picked them off the tree I will then prune it back by about 1/3 and this will allow me to get another crop.

    If I were not to do this then the mulberry tree wouldn't give me another crop until next year.

    Here are 2 links to more videos on mulberry trees:

    Black Mulberry Tree Video

    More Mulberry Tree Videos

  48. i think someone needs to tie his hands up, looks like my uncle flapping his arms.