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Naturalure showing promising in early trials

With the release of an organic control method for fruit fly, I have been waiting for Spring to run a trial in our orchard. Early results are very promising with fruit fly counts in the Wild May traps reducing significantly each week. We have been using Naturalure each week sprayed as a bait randomly on lower leaves of some of the orchard trees. A control at Kath's orchard using only Wild May has shown an increased count of fruit fly each week in the traps. The real test will be when the early stone fruit ripen next month. Will keep you informed. Eco-naturalure is a certified organic fruit fly control spray for both male and female flies. It combines specific foodbased attractants which target only fruit flys, and a bacteria derived insecticide, spinosad. No withholding period. Controls both QLD and Mediterranean fruit flies.

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  1. Wild May seems to catch more when placed in citrus. No need to have 400mm minimum . as 5 mm works just as well. Use tall rather than squat container ie with narrow diameter as it evaporates less fluid.less cost.