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The Dwarf Black Mulberry

This mulberry has a very low chill factor making it ideal for our subtropical climate. Pruning after fruiting allows it to be kept under 3mtrs, and also encourages multiple cropping throughout the summer.

It is best to pick the fruit when ripe, as it doesn't ripen further off the tree. A benefit of a mulberry tree is that the fruit ripens over an extended period of time unlike other fruit that often ripens all at once. The fruits of the black mulberry - considered the tastiest and most versatile of the mulberries - are large and juicy, with a good balance of sweetness and tartness.
The fruit of the dwarf black mulberry is the same as that on the large black mulberry that we all know and love. The fruit is large, resembling a blackberry, sweet and luscious. When not devoured fresh it is ideal to use in jams, wines, and mulberry pies. This variety performs excellent in the Subtropics. There has been feedback that this variety doesn't perform as well in Temperate Climates #daleysfruit #daleynursery #mulberry #blackmulberry #dwarfmulberry


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