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A beautiful big box of Dorsett Golden Apples 🍏

 Lucky us to receive a big box of locally grown organic Dorsett Golden Apples from Green Goddess Farm

💚 They are crunchy, sweet and a little tart 😋 An excellent apple for eating fresh or cooking.
🍎Yes you can buy apples most places - you can also grow beauties like these in your own backyard.
🍏Low chill or high chill, we have trees that will work for you.
🍎2 compatible varieties are required for cross pollination.
🍏Dorsett Golden will pair with Tropic Anna or Tropic Sweet. Grow all three!
🍎Grafted trees produce first crops in approx 2-3yrs
🍏Dwarf or Full size trees available
🍎Grow in Full sun, moderate water, and feed with organic fruit tree food regularly.
🍏Net trees and use fruit fly traps to protect fruit from pests
🍎Love all the amazingly tasty fresh and nutritious fruits you grow 💚

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