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Not a True Lemon, But does it matter? (Meyer Lemons)


Meyer Lemon Tree with ripening fruit

Not a True Lemon. But does it matter? 

 The Meyer Lemon tree is the most popular backyard lemon tree in Australia but they are not a "True" Lemon. That is because they are a cross (hybrid) between a lemon and an orange. Although not as acidic as a true lemon like a Eureka lemon tree or Lisbon Lemon Tree they are the perfect acidity for salads and many other dishes without being too harsh on your teeth/pallet or requiring too much salt to balance out the sour. Meyer lemon trees are more cold hardy while performing well into warmer subtropical climates. So you can see them into Melbourne and up into QLD. Also you can get a great crop of lemons often all year round. Not many fruit have this talent. 

Backyard Tips: 

Pruning: Each time you pick a lemon prune away any crowded stems. Mulch: Thick mulch to keep water in but have a separation from the trunk. 

Soil: Free draining ( You accomplish this by planting it on a mound) 

Fertiliser: Slow release Spring and again in Summer. 

Watering: Deep watering in the hotter months rather than constant shallow watering. 

Eco Oil: To stop leaf curl.

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