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Internship Job - Work at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Would you like to do an Internship with Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery, with the possibility of
long term employment with eventually a shared management role.

The 3 Daley Brothers and their nephew Correy are looking at succession planning in the next
5-10 years. Hence we have an opportunity to train up the right person to take over a shared
management role and continue to build on what we have achieved at Daleys.

If interested in this opportunity to work in a very positive workplace and live in the best
address in Australia (well we think so), then please apply for this position.
The Internship would be for 12mths working full time at the Nursery Award.
These are the skills and attributes we are looking for in the successful applicant.

  • Honest with an enthusiastic work ethic, that is motivated and genuinely interested in establishing a long term career with Daleys
  • Ability to contribute to a positive team environment
  • Excellent communication skills with good English language.
  • Strong organisational and management skills
  • Ability to supervise and motivate employees.Physically fit and have the capacity for physical outdoor work. Work would include all aspects of the Nursery from Propagation, Potting, Dispatch, Fruit tree maintenance, Irrigation management., Machinery Maintenance, Liaison with Suppliers and customers, Pest and weed Control,
  • A passion to read, learn and research. With over 500 different varieties we sell, so very important for the right applicant to want to educate themselves.
  • Ability to work full time (38hrs per week) and also be available for weekend work looking after Irrigation, Maintenance etc.

You may not have all these skills now, but if you genuinely think you have the ability to
develop these skills then please apply. After the 12mth Internship we will look at the
opportunity to move into a full time position with Daleys.
We have a profit sharing incentive with all permanent staff after they have worked with us for 12mths. If you feel this Internship is right for you, please send in your Resume and cover letter why you think you would be right for this position please contact us by email.

Remember to watch our Youtube on who we are and what we do. It's our 40th Year Anniversary this year.

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