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Nursery Women - International Womens Day

Celebrating International Women's Day.

Meet the dynamic team of beautiful women that work here at Daley's Nursery.

Kath has been here for 16 years, doesn't time fly. She loves taking pictures and videos of fruit, eating it, sharing it and talking about it. Kath shares her knowledge on our website, youtubes as well as in magazines and on the radio. She has a regular column about wildlife in the Kyogle Talking Turkey.

Shell is a mother of one. She is a tough, strong and dynamic worker who can toil all day in the heat of the poly houses. She runs production and works the nursery puzzle, fitting all the plants in where they should be, as well as maintaining their shape and form. It is always easy to see where Shell has been as she makes beautiful plants where ever she goes.

Carla has been here forever. She has been a part of the business as it has grown and developed over the years. Carla also runs her own business, Middle Creek Nursery, growing and grafting trees for the markets, you might meet her other half, Roy at The Channon Market, where they sell their trees.

Aliya is our most tidy and organized member of staff. She is responsible for sending out all the single orders so if you have ordered one plant, Aliya will have packed and sent your order. She never gets it wrong.

Erin, mother of five. She can always be found in the garden where she does her best to grow enough food to feed the family. Erin is taking on the role of sourcing seeds and propagation, so if you have any unusual fruit trees or seeds that you think we might want, send Erin a message.

Jenny is a mother of four and grandmother of three. Jenny organizes all the mail orders for dispatch. We all fall apart when Jenny is not here to keep us in order. Neat and meticulous, you might also meet Jenny in the shop.

Nina, mother on one, almost grown up teenager. Nina is our expert grafter. When not here she is working as a career looking after our much loved friend, Tyler Daley.

Paning, mother of one. Paning is expert at propagating, grafting and taking cuttings. She maintains our hot house and is a meticulous organiser.

Pauline, mother of three. Pauline is the leader of the dispatch team, making sure that everyone gets their orders on time, she is a gentle communicator who brings us all together. She also runs her own business growing chemical free garlic.

Bianca, mother of two and champion endurance rider. Bianca loves working in the shop, meeting all our wonderful customers as well as dispatching our mail orders.

Sophie, if she is not in the dispatch shed she will be in production, potting up. Sophie is our resident wildlife and animal expert as she also works as a wildlife carer and vet nurse.

Amber is the young person in our team. She works in the shop on Saturday as well as helping her mum at home in the garlic patch.

Sarah is a mother of two. Sarah is our newest member of staff, but she has slipped comfortably into the team with her cheerful personality.

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