Fruit Trees

Why Peach and Plum Trees can Fruit a Years Supply of fruit each Season

Our Peachcot Ora A Tree is always a star performer. It is resistant to black spot and is the perfect mix between a peach and apricot. When it fruits you have more than enough so to get a years supply you just need yourself a food dehydrator that you can pack full and then use them in cakes, breakfast muesli and sweetening up a salad. But of course when eaten off the tree the high water content of this juicy fruit is oh so refreshing.
Peachcott Ora A
Our Plum Tree the  Gulf Ruby needs a Gulf Gold to pollinate it. The two work perfectly together because it is Novemeber and we will have lots of fruit from this Gulf Ruby but when it is finished the Gulf Gold Plum tree will start fruiting.
Gulf Ruby Plum Tree

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