Fruit Trees

John Picone's Orchard - Perhaps Best Home Orchard Ever.

At the end of the day, we were all feeling happy and well fed. We were also very sticky and we left Johns orchard trailing the scent of fresh passionfruit behind us.

The pitayas dragon fruit

Canistels ripening on the tree

Bianca and the pepper vine

Stone fruits and fig - Perfectly pruned and painted with a mix of water, paint, lime and copper 1:1:1:1

Red Tamarillo

Nagasakiwase loquat

Govenors plums

Hawaiin guava

Thai white guavas

Brazillian Cherry flowers

Cutting a rollinia for us all to - tastes like lemon meringue jelly

Rollinia in the tree - they are beautiful fruits.

Mammy Sapote - a stunning architectural plant with great fruit - but they are not yet ripe so we missed out on these.

Hand pollinated Vanilla beans

Rocoto chillis

Carters Red pummelo - huge

Pink pineapples, very spiky but gorgeous all the same

Grandilla Passionfruit - weighed at least 1kg, huge and very tasty.

Pauline with a red dragon fruit.

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