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Christmas 2010 Staff Picture & Well Wishes

Staff Christmas Party Photos

From all the staff at Daleys Nursery we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fruitful 2011.

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  1. I love to frequent Nursery places. One thing I found is that their plants are always retail at a premium price but unfortunately one cannot say the same thing about the plant/product.

    I love Daleys Nursery cause the plant always arrive in super duper healthy condition. I am extremely impressed by the premium quality of the plants that you have and to my surprise the prices are so affordable. I surely wish I stay near the nursery so that I could visit Daleys and avoid the freight charges for getting my plants.

    So far, my hawaiian papaya, keitt mango, white cherimoya and pumelo are doing well and healthy. I hope to get golden jack soon (jakfruit).

    Lastly I would like you to know that ever since I got my first plant from Daleys I never look at the nursery shops around my area anymore. I love to browse the website just to look at what is available in Daleys at the comfort of my chair.

    Keep up the good work Daleys and I think you should be awarded Nursery of the Year 2010 and many more years to come. In my mind, Daleys is the Nursery of my year 2010 and would definitely be for 2011. :-) Also, I hope that you would expend your operations to other country like Malaysia (where I am from). I believe you got a very good model and system that keeps plants so healthy and great.

    Kudos to the Daleys Nursery Team.

    God bless!

    - Anthony