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Bare Rooted Grapes

It is the middle of winter here in Kyogle and at this time of the year we are receiving our bare rooted plants from around the country. Many of these products are higher chill than our subtropical climate allows us to propagate and grow with ease and so it is that we have looked beyond our humid hills for a supplier of bare rooted grapes that we can offer to our customers as a great product at a great price.

Nina, one of our propagation experts is holding an example of the Menindee Seedless grapes so you can see what you will be buying. The bare rooted selections of grapes include the Menindee Seedless, Thompson Seedless and the Crimson Seedless, all of which are well suited to regions with cool winters and long hot dry summers requiring about 500-600 hours of winter chill, unfortunately they will not thrive in humid coastal climates.

Winter is the perfect time to plants grapes while they are deciduous, it is important to be prepared and have a trellis ready for the vine to climb once it shoots with a burst of vigorous growth in the spring.

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