Fruit Trees

Pre Purchase Fruit Trees

For the first time you can pre purchase a fruit tree with your credit card. So if there is a fruit tree on this list that you do not want to miss out on then you can reserve the fruit tree via pre purchase. As a general rule you should receive the fruit trees within 6 months usually much earlier and at this stage you will be given the option to add other fruit trees that are also in stock at this time.

Caution on Wish Lists or Multiple Fruit Trees not in Stock
Pre purchase works well for one fruit tree not in stock. If you are after lots of fruit trees not in stock then pre purchase may not be for you because we can't guarantee that all of these fruit trees will be in stock at the same time.


  1. Jimmy Says huh?

    Give us an example.

  2. If you go to our pre purchase page in the shop here:

    Then click notify me when available you have the option to pre purchase or the old email/sms when available.

    Probaly too many steps... what do you think?

  3. Probably, as you say the danger of getting orders spread out over a long period of time with associated extra shipping, especially for us WA types.

    BUT, you get to bag any trees as they come to market, which may alinate potential buyers as they never see a certain tree available as it's always snapped up by pre puchasers.

    I want to place an order by the stupid flying dragon stuff is never available at all or only 1 of what i want that makes it expensive freight wise.

    Buy extra from Auscitrus and be done with it !!!

    PS Any word on what rootstocks are on the rest of the citrus yet?


  4. Has anyone had problmes with Daleys Persimmons?

    I have bought 11 plants over the past couple of years, and the graft on material suuplied just has not been adequate.

    Paid heaps to get them to WA, only to plant them with utmost care and attention and watch them sit and do nothing, then eventually die.
    Water non limiting, healthy soil, well rotted manure, just no establishment. Grafts seem to be the problme,