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Dragon Fruit

Barry Beetham from Brassall QLD north of Ipswich sent us some great pictures (below)

Barry says: "I live on a quarter acre block in suburbia and grow whatever is small or short and produces food, then i go for it"

One of Barrys passions is the Dragon Fruit or Pitaya which he is growing in his backyard. He says:
"there's a dragon fruit grower 1 1/2 hours inland from Ipswich and i visited him there once - he has 1.5 thousand - wow! amazing plants - and a photo of one dragon fruit plant with 500 fruit on it"

Barry with his Dwarf Orange TreeDragon Fruit Forming

Dragon Fruit Vines at Barrys Place

More Information:

Dragon Fruits - Pitaya


  1. wow Barry !

    those are nice healthy looking Dragon Fruit

    you should be proud of 'em ~

  2. What does Dragon Fruit taste like? It's an attractive vine!

  3. taste like a kiwi and watermellon mix

  4. I tried growing Dragon Fruit at East Greenmount (30km south of Toowoomba), but after initially having a great growth rate in the warmer months, they turned to jelly once the colder frosty weather arrived. Does anyone know if there is a frost resistant variety?