Fruit Trees

Talking Gardening with Col Campbell

Colin Cambpell is my favourite celebrity gardener. He has a talk show that you can listen to in Brisbane on on Saturday morning where he gives spot on advice.

Why I like listening to "Col" is simply because he inspires you to get out into the garden and enjoy it. I notice that most people who ring up talk back radio ask questions about their fruit trees which is a great way to learn.
Also with water restrictions and govt hurting those who want to have a garden I believe collin really does stand up for those of us in the cities who want to contrast the pollution with a few trees.


  1. what is the best way to look after a choclate pudding tree,after i plant it in the ground.fertilizer etc,i live about 100 klm north of adelaide south australia.thankyou.

  2. Black sapotes grow in a wide range of soil types, including dry soils and clayey soils. They are fairly drought tolerant. Trees grow and fruit best if given moderate applications of an all purpose fertilizer with micronutrients once or twice a year. Grow in full sun.