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Coffee Plants in Pots

After we discussed growing your own coffee plants where many of you wrote in and gave some great tips I got inspired and are now growing my own coffee plants in pots in my Brisbane backyard. I know they don't like too much wind so they are being sheltered and they are also getting as much sun as I can find for them. I am hoping come July and September this year or next I might be able to make some "real coffee" from scratch. It was said you need 30 coffee plants to have 2 cups of ground coffee every day of the year. Just think how many coffee plants there must be in the world.

If this all works out and these plants provide the Utopian cup of coffee then in the next picture there might be 10 times as many coffee plants to photograph. I am growing the Coffee K7 variety and because it is grown in a pot it will be naturally dwarfed however there is a new variety called Dwarf Coffee Plant - Catui.