Fruit Trees

Grown By Grafting, Cutting, Seedling, Marcot

Seedling Plant

A seed is planted and germinates to grow into a tree. For some plants this is the easiest way to propagate them however there are some draw backs. For example if you plant a seed when the plant finally fruits the taste of the fruit may be nothing like the fruit of parent tree it came from. It will also take longer for a seedling tree to bear fruit than it would for a grafted or cutting grown tree. The pros of a seedling tree is that they have more vigor and are faster and stronger growing than grafted or cutting grown plants, they will also have a much stronger root system which makes them more suitable for marginal climate. For example if you were wanting to grow a longan in Victoria a seedling tree is the best choice for all of these reasons. Seedlings trees will all be genetically different from one another and each tree will be slightly different meaning the fruits your pick off your tree will be unique.A technique called cincturing can also be used to encourage seedling trees to start producing fruit in a shorter time frame than the tree would normally take

A Grafted Plant

A Grafted Plant takes a Scion ( Young shoot ) from a mature tree and then joins this to the rootstock of a seedling plant. This has many advantages. Firstly a rootstock can be selected that is vigorous and disease resistant. Secondly we know the taste and quality of the fruit from the mature tree we took the scion from so we know that when our new grafted tree fruits it will taste the same. Because the tree is mature it also means that the plant will start fruiting straight away or much quicker when compared to a seedling. Grafted plants are more expensive to produce due to the labour involved in propagating them. They also require some degree of maintenance when they are small with particular attention to the suckers that are produced by the more vigorous seedling rootstocks, any shoots that form below the graft need to be removed a process that is called desuckering or they will drain the energy from the graft and if left unchecked they can kill the graft. Because grafted tree do not go through the juvenile phase they tend to be smaller growing than seedling plants and are ideal fro growin in containers where they can be kept as dwarfs or for espalier where pruning and cincturing techniques can be used to keep trees to a compact and manageable size

Cutting Grown Plant

Taking a Cutting to Grow a Plant
Also known as Striking or Cloning this is is where you take a stem or young shoot from the plant and place it into a soil medium and then under the right conditions this will cause it to produce roots. This method like grafting means that we know the taste of the fruit from this tree. Cuttings grown plants will all be uniform but they can tend to have a weaker root system than seedlings or grafted trees.

Marcotted Grown Plant

Also called Air layering, Marcot, Marcottage and is like a cutting except instead of the roots being formed in a pot inside the soil. It is formed on the branch of the tree inside a plastic bag of soil.