Fruit Trees

When will this Fruit Tree be ready for sale?

With over a thousand different varieties of fruit trees and rainforest plants we can't have them all ready for sale at once. So if you search for a plant not in stock it will now say either

  • In Stock
  • Catalogue Pre Purchase
  • Pre Purchase
  • In Production 
  • Seeking Propagation Material

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In Stock Plants

These plants have an Add to Cart next to them and the qty available for sale. A good list to see every plant in stock at once is here: All Plants in Stock

Catalogue Pre Purchase

Important: Make sure you are subscribed to our fruit tree email list to be the first to know when these catalogues are released and therefore have the most amount of plants available for sale.

Often we are asked. "Can I buy all my plants together with 1 freight charge?" The answer is usually no for obvious reasons that plants quickly outgrow their pots making this impossible. However twice a year we release a Pre Purchase catalogue.

Spring Pre Purchase Catalogue: (Release Date: August; Plants sent: Oct/Nov)
Towards the end of Winter usually midway through August. Daleys staff will walk through the nursery and add into stock all the plants that will be available in Spring usually ready by late October to November. So from August to early October you can create an order from a list of plants that are seldom available at one time. In Spring we check your plants that you ordered from this catalogue to see if they are ready to be sent to you with adequate roots and new growth and when all of them are ready we will notify you that your complete order is ready to be sent. This is a once a year opportunity for those wanting many plants together to save on freight and to reserve often hard to get plants that are ready only once a year.

Bare Root Pre Purchase Catalogue  (Release Date: Mid April; Plants sent: June/July)
There are many deciduous fruit trees that are grown in the ground and then dug up when they have no leaves and sent by mail order when they look like sticks with no leaves and no soil on their roots in the cold months of Winter. They are usually sent from late June - July and you can reserve all these plants in the one order from Mid April to June.

Pre Purchase

(1-6 months) Staff add a small portion of successful plants to be pre sold for those who really want them and are willing to purchase via card or paypal. An example is there may be 100 successful grafted Mango Fruit Trees and perhaps 10 will go onto the Pre Purchase Fruit Tree list. Once the plants are ready for sale these customers get notified that the plant is ready to be sent and after this the other 90 successful plants are then added into stock and customers are notified by Email/SMS with the option to buy them in an orderly fashion. ( Full Pre Purchase FAQ ) (View All Pre Purchase Fruit Trees)

In Production

(1-12 months) A plant in production is growing at Daleys Nursery and should be ready for sale once it reaches a certain size and health. Depending on the type of plant "In production" may mean this plant has recently been grafted, planted or potted up by a Staff Member. Remember to click on "Notify me by Email/SMS" so that when they are ready you will know. Emails are sent out in batches each night according to who asked to be notified first after they have been added into stock.

Seeking Propagation Material

(1+ years) We don't have this plant growing in the Nursery but may be sourcing seeds or cuttings to be able to grow them at a later date. For other varieties we purchase them only directly from registered growers in the case of PBR varieties as we can not grow these in our nursery. If a plant is marked as seeking propagation material and you have a tree or seeds please contact us so we can give you instructions on how to get seeds or take cuttings and send them to our nursery if it is a suitable cultivar. We may offer you a voucher from our nursery to compensate you for your time and postage costs to us. Please contact us. Again it is always good to get notified by Email/SMS when just incase we have some luck and have them for sale sooner rather than later.