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4 Month Old Paw Paw - Cutting Grown

Cutting grown Southern Red Paw Paw outside our office after 4 months
Paw Paws in Pots
We are currently trialing cutting grown paw paws and as you can see the results have been spectacular.

Advantage 1
Instead of taking 18 months to fruit a cutting grown paw paw takes only 4 months.
Advantage 2
Sick of getting a ladder to pick your paw paws? Cutting grown pawpaws fruit at ground level.
Advantage 3
You can even grow them in a pot.
Cost. There is a lot more work involved in preparing the cuttings so they would cost $29 each as opposed to $10 for the seedlings. If we get enough people interested we will start making them a regular selection from our nursery.

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