Fruit Trees

Do this before you get your Bare Root Fruit Trees

While you are patiently waiting for your bare rooted trees to be delivered it is a great time to prepare the ground. This will make planting them very simple when your trees arrive.

The first thing to do is measure out your spacing, this is simple to do by adding together the estimated width of the trees you are planting side by side and then dividing the total by two. So if you are planting a tree with a 5m spread beside a tree with a 3m spread you will need to plant them at least 4m apart.

Dig your hole, it need to be at least 50cm wide and deep. If your soils are heavy and clay base we would recommend that you break the bottom of the hole and then fill it with well rotted compost mixed with your existing soil, if necessary you may need to mound up your planting site to ensure that your tree will have the perfect drainage that it requires, holes in clay soils can act like a bucket and you will risk drowning your tree if you do not mound.

Do not use manure in the holes you are preparing for your bare rooted trees, they need time to settle into their new home before requiring fertilizer, you will not be fertilizing them until they start to push new growth in the spring.

Once your hole is prepared you can sit back and wait for your bare rooted fruit trees to arrive on your doorstep.

Happy gardening.

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