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Frosty Morning on the Tablelands - Remembering Winter

A cool frosty morning up on the Tablelands. The garlic does not seem to mind the cover of ice crystals glistening in the early morning sunshine. What has been your coldest morning this winter and what loves the winter chill in your garden?

  • Kate Rutland Mulberry trees going crazy at the moment , cant wait till there ripe.
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  • Cheryl Judd Hasn't been very cold at all in Kyogle. Still waiting for a good frost to kill the bugs from last season!
  • Saj JustSaj WINTER? Wow, It's Summer here where i live, lol. So interesting to know of different places having a different season than us where i live.
  • Saj JustSaj We have 4 months until it's winter here. And last year we didn't get frost until January (5 months away).

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