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Melbourne International Flower Show (MIFS) - Dwarf Fruit Trees with Don Burke

Think of 125 000 people who love their gardens at one venue and you have one of the top 5 flower festivals in the world happening in Melbourne this week. (2nd April 2008)

Now I understand that flowers look good and smell good but they do shrivel up and die. For those of us with only practical bones in our bodies we often wonder "is there more to flowers?"

So what would happen if you had a small "flower sized tree" that you can grow in a pot or small garden with rich coloured fragrant flowers but after they shrivel up something practical starts to happen. The flowers transform into fruit.

Don Burke knows what I am talking about and this year at the festival he is going to show off 25 Dwarf Fruit Trees from Daleys. So if you are there make sure you say hello.

Don Burke's Dwarf Fruit Trees from Daleys at the Festival.
Dwarf Peach tree - Beautiful spring flush of pink flowers
Dwarf Coffee Tree - Catui - Flowers profusely in summer with bright white frangipani smelling flowers. Often you can smell it from 5 meters away.
Acerola Cherry Tree - Dark Pink flowers 1cm in diameter
Dwarf Mulberry Tree black - The first sign of life after winter is the entire tree covering itself in white flowers. Majestic to say the least.
Blueberry - Sunshine blue - Translucent elongated flowers.
Dwarf Mango Tree - Irwin - Poignant big flower heads with tiny orange flowers that attract bees.
Dwarf Apple Tree - Pink Lady - Clusters of pink flowers
Dwarf Citrus - often year round flowering of white fragrant flowers.
Feijoa - Duffy & Apollo
Dwarf Mulberry Tree - Red Shahtoot
Dwarf Orange Tree - Cara Cara Blood orange
Cinnamon Tree
Dwarf Lemon Tree Meyer - The one Don has should have a few lemons on it.
Fig - Piconi
Fig - White adriatic
Finger lime
Dwarf Macadamia Tree
Dwarf Calamondin
Ceylon Hill Gooseberry
Dwarf Mandarin Tree - Emperor
Dwarf Apple Tree - Granny Smith
Pomegranate -Elcite
Hawaiin Guava - Pink Supreme
Miracle Fruit
Dwarf Avocado Tree - Wurtz
Dwarf Persimmon - Ichikikijiro

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  1. Don has written a fabulous article in the current April 2008 Burkes Backyard magazine on growing dwarf fruit trees in pots. Perfect for anyone considering dwarf fruit trees.

  2. Don Burke has lead to all the local nurseries running out of dwarfs.

    Thank god for Daleys and that HOT Kath.

  3. I just wonder.. are these dwarf fruit trees really can produce fruits?
    Landscaping Melbourne